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How commissions work...

hydrangea triptychAt Paradise City Arts Festival, a woman expressed interest in buying the top third of this triptych. She liked the size of it and admired the sense of back-lit luminosity.

I told her that, most likely, she wouldn't be satisfied with just the top part of this painting and that we could design something that she would love all by itself. As one panel it would be missing the ground that pointed to her favorite part of the painting: The top panel. I also let her know that the luminosity was designed into the image and would require no special lighting, as she had thought.

We talked about where it would go and what size would work and fit within her budget. Indeed, the exact size of the top of this painting (60x36") is what we ended up with. It was the perfect proportions for use over her couch.

Since I work from photographs I was able to crop down a couple of images for her to choose from. Through a series of emails we settled on a design and I set to work.

The result? About a month later, this is the element that really "Pops" the space in her Conneticuit living room:

Painting over the couch • 413-547-1172