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I packed up a bunch of little paintings to show at Danco Modern Furniture in Hatfield, MA. Peruse their great collection of furniture and see works by local arts and crafts people. I was impressed with the selection of works and I'm really pleased to be among the artists represented.

Stacks of paintings.


June 20th

lacecap hydrangea

Here's a type of hydrangea I've yet to paint: The Lacecap. This 30x40" painting is at about it's 5th session at this point. I imagine it'll be done in another 5-7. One never knows, though.

I'm rather amazed at how the balance between being at the studio and not being able to get here isn't always a bad thing. At this stage in my career I notice that looking away for longer periods is very effective in gaining perspective.

Another step in planning out (we plan, god laughs...) this current little body of work is that this painting and the pink one below are opposite in their palette, values and layout. They're the same size and generally the same subject. So, I don't learn from one and give to the next... Instead I work diligently on one, then cleanse my palate with the other (and my palette for the other!). Now that I'm done with the first layer on each, we'll see if that holds true or if I end up frustrated!


June 2nd Hydrangeas again!

After finishing the commissioned hydrangea with its challenging lack of contrasts I'm happily painting away at some more colorful and dymanic pieces. At 40x30" these are a size I've yet to work in (that I can remember). The design for the second one is yet to be chosen but I'm leaning towards a vertical composition. This one has been with me for six or seven sessions and I can see it going another four or five. Each session is around 6 hours.

Because I've got an exhibit in the gallery for the month I've changed my studio hours to reflect gallery hours. I'm there from Thursday through Sundays, 1-6pm. Come visit!

pink hydrangea


May 19th: Lying in Wait...

many paintings on a wall

Here are a bunch of works just waiting for the gallery doors to open to them. I will hang my annual exhibit in the Barnes Gallery in a couple of weeks. The Teetering series will have its debut. I very much look forward to seeing how that will come together.



Mid May:

Ah, the commission. I love making something with a particular person in mind, headed toward a specific place.

Here is a piece done to go over a client's couch. It is 60x36" and, at this point, within a week of completion. It is a treat for me to work with someone who has been inspired by one of my paintings and has a size and shape and location in mind. This is the piece that will go home to "Pop" the room in just a week or so.


Hope & Feathers post card

January 20th

couple with a painting of their house in background. Roy Kimmel and Cynthia Thomas were among the guests at the gallery at Hope & Feathers last night for a small reception. It's a treat for me to see them in front of a painting of their property. Leverett Pond was created by damming the fields behind this house back in the day.

It was really nice to have a small gathering of friends to celebrate the completion of this body of work, Keeping Our Heads Above Water.

Thanks to all who came out on the eve of the inauguration of our 45th president. It will be a wild ride, this next bunch of years. I have faith (since–here we are) that we're headed in the right direction via a really messy and painful route. I believe that it will take us a long, long time for this all to sift down to something that resembles a United States again, one we can be at peace with. *sigh* Still, there is a literal ache in my gut. Friendships help.

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