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2018 will be the year of little round things. While cleaning ancient marbles I was inspired by the interaction between them, the water and the bubbles. This is done on a canvas board. As I continue to delve into this series I'm refining that to either linen board or just board or canvas board with many sanded layers of ground–all for a smoother surface. Painting on this texture wasn't ideal but it wasn't bad, either. Photographing it, however proves to be challending due to the canvas texture. 14x11"


There's a transition taking place in subject matter. I didn't know that I was moving away from painting cairns but it seems that I've actually done that. Why should life (my images) continue to teeter just because life is more precarious by the moment? (Sheesh, so much more.) Seems to me that there should be some stability in the offing. Take the pretties of those man made stones and contain them. They can't support themselves—obviously. So why not give them what they need? A bath and myriad means of support. Let's go for it.

24x18" on board.




also 24x18" on board.

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