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December 6, 2104

North Road was finished yesterday and, along with Reservoir Road, found their way home to Walpole NH (where they started) this morning. Their new owner asked if I'd miss them. I had to honestly say that I really enjoyed working on them but, no, I'm too busy looking forward to working on something new. It is just awesome to have empty space in the studio where two large paintings were just removed!

Maybe I'll finally get to do that study of clouds I've always wanted to get to.

I just added these two paintings to the landscape gallery for you to see.

Early December:
The painting to the left, Reservoir Road, is finished and will go to it's home on Saturday. The one on the right, North Road, isn't far behind. This has been a fascinating painting for me. The dimensionality of the stone wall, the grasses, all the greens of the trees. It's been a steep learning curve and a delight at the same time. The river painting has been put on hold to finish these two for a December deadline. Life is good if people actually want me to paint for them. I'm so appreciative.paintings in the studio

I'm missing my Greenfield Community College collegues. We know each other so well and are so comfortable and supportive. At the same time I'm happy to have the company of some great artists here at Leverett Crafts & Arts, where things are going "swimmingly". There's always something happening around here! We just ended a month-long exhibit of resident and affiliate's works and soon we'll be preparing for the annual Holiday Store. It'll be two days in December; the 13th and 14th. Come on out! There will be many gift items for sale—all very, very beautiful.

We're at 13 Montague Road in Leverett. After the 14th the store will be open by appointment.

Late September
I've got a good start on all three in this series depicting views of Walpole, NH.
The first layers are free
and messy and simple.
This painting to the right
has its first layer only.
Others are further along.
The one of the swimmers
in the river is furthest along.
I can't say I'm happy about
the season's waning light.


Early September
Three empty, large canvases
Well, this is exciting. Weeks' worth of planning, building, ordering, stretching and priming canvases has brought me here. There are days ahead still required to get these three 60x40-something canvases to be ready to plan images for them. They will be a series of landscapes depicting the beauty of Walpole, New Hampshire. One was commissioned but my thought is, "Why do just one? At one, you're just starting to get into it!"


Oh, here I go, Valley name-dropping:

This is a still life in process, subject matter from Connie Kruger's Hop Brook B&B in Amherst. (Finished painting can be viewed on the gallery page.) She may well have thrown this beautiful little vase in Joy Friedman's pottery studio at Leverett Crafts & Arts, (where I now have studio space). I'll have to ask her. You can watch this painting evolve on my Facebook page. Go here and click on the image! While you're there, it may help get the word out if you "Like" the page. Thanks.

This is the last painting that I'll do at Greenfield Community College. I'll be giving up my womb of a studio space in time for the fall semester. I hope to have it finished by then!

I leave such a supportive community that it's difficult for me to imagine moving on. I know that I've made life-long friends there and that I'm not nearly the same as I was when I walked through the door into Penné Krol's class four years ago. I realize that this may sound silly... Community College and all. Really, though, that school has an extraordinarily well established and respected art department. If you ever thought of applying yourself artfully and you live in the area, you owe it to yourself to find out about it.

detail of painting


July 31st at 7pm I drew the winner of this raffle.

The grand prize went to a very dear friend of my cousin Pete's family. That feels very right. She chose Leverett Pond 3 as her prize.
Great Big Thank Yous to all who donated. Together we raised over $2100 to help Pete and his family deal with his liver cancer.


I'm grateful for a feature article in the Greenfield Recorder early in July to help spread the word about this fund raiser.
Trish Crapo did a great job with both photography and writing.
See it here... and front page here. • 413-547-1172